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Alonzo McClennan

Dr. Alonzo Clifton McClennan

Alonzo McClennan was born in Columbia, South Carolina. The son of Harriet (Kennedy) McClennan was orphaned as a child and lived with his uncle and guardian, Edward B. Thompson, a prosperous barber in the city.

McClennan, a physician and educator, founded the first black-owned drugstore and Hospital and Training School for Nurses in Charleston. He was educated at Wilbraham Academy (Mass.); University of South Carolina; U.S.Naval Academy; and Howard University. McClennan founded and edited one of the earliest black medical publications, Hospital Herald, a monthly journal, and co-founded the organization, the Palmetto Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Association, (1896)

McClennan Banks Hospital formerly at 135 Cannon Street

McClennan House 54 Vanderhorst St.

Future Site of Historic Landmark for McClennan Banks Hospital